Hi. My name is Shamim Mohandessi. Thank you for taking a look at Shamim's Desk. This blog is the result of a huge amount of encouragement from friends and colleagues to begin writing on issues relating to my work. Some of the posts you read here relate to substantive issues of the law, while others relate to the business of startups and emerging companies, and yet others may be based on subjects that are simply of interest to me. 

A Seattle native, I attended Seattle University and Seattle University School of Law. As an undergraduate, I studied political science, with focuses in international relations and systems of government.

Before returning to law school, I worked as an analyst for a local energy utility, managing new programs, and developing strategies around the use of technology  to reduce energy consumption.

In graduate school, I became enamored by the idea of working as an counselor to rapid growth companies. After graduate school by sheer luck, I joined Han Santos, PLLC. It was important for me to find a place to practice where my clients could be treated as more than billable opportunity. Rather, I was looking for a firm that partners with clients. I work with my clients on legal issues, but also spend huge amounts of time discussing the strategy of business. In Han Santos, I found a firm which exuded this ethos. 

You can take a look at my bio on the firm's website here. I represent emerging companies in various areas, including cybersecurity, media distribution, AI/machine learning, big data discovery and visualization, cloud-computing, fin-tech, genomics, medical devices, SaaS, agriculture technology, augment reality and virtual reality, and more. Occasionally, I have represented companies involved in manufacturing, staffing, consulting, energy development, and real estate. 

Because of Han Santos's deep understanding of intellectual property, our clients are often those heavily invested in intellectual property.  A majority of our clients come to Han Santos at the formation stage and continue to work with us through exit. This means that I work with them on formation, fundraising, commercial transactions, and disposition via merger or acquisition.